Microchip Database


How Does A Microchip Database Work?

BullyPedia Certified Pedigrees contains a built in Microchip Database for BullyPedia dogs. Members can add their dog’s unique microchip number directly into their digital pedigrees. If your dog happens to turn up in a shelter or found by another individual they can search BullyPedia Microchip database and find your dog’s image to compare to the dog found. If the dog is a BullyPedia dog, they will contact BullyPedia and we will make an attempt to contact the current owner/member.

How Can I Enter My Microchip Information?

As part of BullyPedia, we offer our members the convenience of having a place to record, maintain and update their dog’s microchip information with BullyPedia adding a great deal of security and confidence that when and if their beloved pets are ever lost, our Microchip database can help to find them and give them back to their owners.


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