Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does it cost to add my dog in BullyPedia Certified Pedigrees?

Answer: The cost to join BullyPedia is $21.75 per dog.


Question: Where can i register my dog online?

Answer: You can click this link to take you to our official online application.


Question: How do I go about adding more dogs? Do i pay per year or per dog?

Answer: Once you become an active member and receive your username/password, you will be add ALL your productions for free of charge. If not your productions- but bought, then you will need to complete an online application, submit required paperwork and remit a processing fee of $21.75 per dog.


Question: I’m a active member trying to log in to your site but there’s no spot to sign in. Where do i sign in?

Answer:  If you have an active account with BullyPedia, you can click on “Breeds” at the top of the navigation, then  choose the the breed database you are trying to access. Or you can click here.