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We like to think BP as the premiere source of authentic and accurate pedigree data around. Our business is pedigrees; we don't do anything else but pedigrees, we are specialists in the field of geneology, research and pride ourselves in our work. That work is reflected here in our database. We've been serving out American Bully pedigrees since 2010 and we are the FIRST and the ORIGINATORS of the American Bully Pedigee Database. Before BP, there was none and after BP there are many. There are knock-offs out there claiming to be "better", "just like" BP, but all fall short of the mark. We are passionate about dogs,pedigrees, geneology and attention to detail; that's what sets BullyPedia apart from the rest. Questions, concerns or comments about BP? send an email at bullypedia@gmail.com

To apply via email, complete either the domestic or international application include all supporting documents and images to bullypediacertified@yahoo.com

Note* The application is in Adobe PDF format, you will need a pdf reader to view our application. If you do not have it, you can download it here.

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Why BP?
"BullyPedia transforms a run of the mill undocumented online open pedigree into a complete, comprehensive and actionable breeding information. BullyPedia Certified Pedigrees are the backbone for all of our solutions, whether you are researching a bloodline, a breeder, making a big purchase, or looking for the right stud to compliment your female, BP is the solution and AUTHENTIC and ACCURATE American Bully pedigrees is the answer."

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Authenticity- Pedigrees is the name of the game & BP aims to being our members the most comprehensive & authentic pedigree data around.

  • All BullyPedia certified pedigrees are "LOCKED" from future unauthorized modifications. *Only the certified owner can make and request changes.
  • All BullyPedia certified pedigrees will contain an official BP “water mark” on their profile pictures.
  • All BullyPedia certified pedigrees earns a title “CP* as Certified Pedigree” in their BP digital pedigree.
  • All BullyPedia certified pedigrees will receive our “Certificate of Pedigree” a beautiful frame ready document containing you dog’s authenticated information.

Accuracy- When accurate pedigree matters, you can rest assured that BP pedigrees contains the latest & most accurate pedigree data available.

  • A comprehensive audit will be performed against the dog’s 6 generation pedigree.
  • Each certified pedigree data has been carefully verified against:  1.) submitted registry documents 2.) BP's master database records 3.) submitted images of the dog.
  • Each certified pedigree is thoroughly examined for inconsistent data such as  "Date Of Birth" , "Dog Color" , "Sire Name" , "Dam Name" & missing information are filled out and the online pedigree is locked.

Accountability- Accountable dog ownership & high breeding standards is what sets BP apart from the rest. Our certified pedigrees have been authenticated top to bottom.

  • Each certified pedigree is "breeder" verified *BP contacts the breeder that made the breeding to validate against "Paper Hanging"
  • Each certified pedigree is "owner" verified *BP records the owner/co-owner information on the digital pedigree.
  • Each Certificate of Pedigree document contains a tamper-proof sticker unique to each certified dog preventing against false dog registration.


  • Each certified member will receive a username to update their dog's profile image.
  • Each certified pedigree is published in our free & certified online databases for the world to see.
  • Our website receives an average of 2 million views at any given month, making BullyPedia the largest collection of authentic American Bully pedigrees on the internet.

Assurance- We stand behind each and every dog that we certify. Our certified members can be rest assured that their dog’s heritage is preserved through our certification program.




Our Mission: The mission of BullyPedia Certified Pedigrees is to promote the welfare of the American bully by safeguarding the rights of responsible American Bully owners and American Bully breeders through pedigree research, pedigree certification program, certified breeders program, public education and sound breeding practices. BullyPedias unique role as the leading online pedigree data base resource is to provide a factual based approach to owner and breeder welfare based on the expertise and perspective of those who live and work with the American Bully breed. BullyPedia endorses the development and advancement of high breeding standards,accountable dog ownership, proper care and maintenance of the American bully breed.

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